Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arduino Components: Operational amplifier LM358

Op amp (Operational amplifier), can amplify the input voltage many times it might be millions of times. When I found the number LM358 in Arduino schematic twice I checked up the eagle board and found only one, physically I found one where is the other:
This photo from the schematic:

This photo for the LM358 in Arduino:

I realized that the LM358 is drawn that way in schematics, because it contain two pieces of Op amps, as in LM358 datasheet.

I might write a new post about LM358 in Arduino, I believe this book is very good to learn about Op amps "Op Amps for Everyone"

Conclusion, LM358 IC in Arduino contain two Op amps, this IC can be operated from one + input (no need for + and -).

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