Friday, March 19, 2010

Working with a Load Cell 2

I still working with the load cells, I got an old load cells to make my experiments and return them to their owner:
The two load cells photos:
The way of wiring load cells may differ from one manufacturer to another, but in every load cell there should be at least four wires; two for power one + and one -, and two others for data one + and one -, some of them has more than four but you might twist (wind) two of them or more together.
My patch cords were very handy and useful in connecting wires between the two cables:
The strange thing that I did not understand easily is the schematic, it explains the entire winding plan but I did not understand the point about the outer wire, I will explain it here so I will be sure you will not have that mistake like me. Here is a copy of the schematic:

Look at that dotted line that connected to pin No. 9; this line means that we should connect the outer wire of the load cell cable, like the one in this photo:
To the outer wire of the indicator cable.


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