Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More About Load Cells' indicators

Indicator is very important in scale applications. Beside its role in amplifying the values that it get from load cell and counting the deal load, it can be programmed to deal with more than one source of raw materials.
At the indicator that I have, there is an ability to control 4 sources of raw materials (some indicators can control 8 sources or more), it can send data to computer through RS232 or RS485 ports.
Because it can send data to RS485 port, there is a good chance to use load cells at a 1200 meters distance
To control the outer sources we should use a buffering Relay and a Diode between the Indicator and the power supply.
This photo for the back of the indicator that we can connect four wires for the material sources:

We can connect wires to the M1, M, M3, M4. Then program the indicator with the weight of each material, when the material reach that point the indicator will send a signal to turn off the relay and turn on another relay so the second material will be loaded to the storage hopper.
This is the wiring schematic recommended by the manufacturer:

I think this will help automate many batching tasks.

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