Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arduino components: the voltage regulator MC33269D-5.0

Arduino components: the voltage regulator MC33269D-5.0
Voltage regulating is very important in any electronic circuit, Arduino have a regulator to regulate the external power source, MC33269D-5.0 here is a photo (circled in red):

Written on the part: (has no relation with the part real number that I got from schematic)

MC33269D family has many other regulators the number after the dash specify the model type of the regulator, in our case it is 5, in this model the output voltage is 5 Volts.  Other befits of the MC33269D-5.0 is that it can protect the circuit from thermal and short problems.
In other Arduino clone (Minimalist Arduino, ArduinoBreadboard and others) LM7805 is used instead of MC33269D-5.0, they are almost the same.
Vin voltage regulator MC33269D-5.0 in Arduino receive a 7V of power and convert it to stable 5V.

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