Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working with a Load Cell

First the Load Cell is a device that converts strain (weight) to an electric signal, if we installed a Load Cell in the work area and connected its wires to an Indicator, when we hang a load to one of its end it will send signals to the Indicator, in other words Load Cells are weight sensors.
This is the Load Cell

Because of the output of the load cell is too small (in mA or less) the indicator will multiply that amount using a specific algorithm and display the right weight.
The Indicator

Look it is written on that indicator “Batching Controller”, it is not only a screen for weight results, it has many functions that can do, you can use it to program the dead load which is the weight of the platform, we will consider that weight to be dead load that equal zero and the indicator will only show the weight that exceed the dead load. Another benefit of the indicator is that you can program it to act once the weight reach a specific point, so you can program it to switch off the motor or open another source of materials.
The applications where the load cell is being used are varied, for example crusher plants, concrete plants, asphalt plants and cement factories and even in food and chemical factories, they use the load cells with a pre-programmed indicators (with the weight of the row materials) so they can get a better finished outputs.


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